Adventureness was born out of a love of travel, and having to plan 2-4 week, multi-city and multi-experience itineraries for a family of 5.

Our typical trip would involve multiple cities, because we wanted to maximise the time we spend overseas due to the limited downtime we have, as do many families, as a result of school and work commitments (we aren't quite ready for homeschooling just yet). So, on every trip, we'd be in a new city or region every 3-5 days on average.

This also meant that most of the trips needed to be planned pretty stringently, while leaving wiggle room for unplanned Adventureness to come surprise us. This means our itineraries had travel information, driving times, accommodation for 5 people, activities and spreadsheets most families would rather not put together. 

Looking back at these, and while talking to friends about our trips, we figured, "Heck, we've done all the work; we might as well share it!"


prep phases

How to plan multi-city trips without going nuts. You can use one of ours. Or share one of yours!



How to keep under-12s busy, entertained and engaged without technology and screens.

places to stay

A mish-mash of hotels, B&Bs, apartments and unique hideouts for families or groups or 5 or more.