Dan's the Man in this family of Adventureness. Always pushing the boundaries of what we do on our travels, both as a couple and as a family. He gets most excited about off-the-beaten-track ideas and adventures that stretch our little posse, and is always dreaming of what else is possible.

Dany is a film maker and storyteller, and his mission is to inspire others with his personal 18-year search for good health in the face of mercury toxicity. And Adventureness family holidays, of course.



A late bloomer to Adventureness, Avalyn grew up fairly sheltered and was even afraid to cross narrow drains until she met Dany in the early 1990s. Hiking? Wading in streams? You could pretty much forget about it.

Over the years, Avalyn has quelled her fear of heights (and the unknown) enough to go on an overnight camping/long distance paragliding trip in Nepal, skydiving, hiking (read: crawling on hands and feet) on the Great Wall's Jiankou section, as well as numerous hikes in Utah and New Zealand.

She still needs some encouragement to try new things, but heck. That's what Dan does best.


the trio

Full of zest, energy and Adventureness, the trio are always ready for something new, and trying things that would normally frighten their mama (back in the day).

A*, a pre-teen with a penchant for getting into trouble - as with most boys his age - and a love for sketching, manga and photography.

The Wondertwins who love to dress up, sing & dance, and write stories but aren't afraid to give new travel experiences a go. They could probably give some city boys a run for their money with their love of running, clambering and mucking about.