After almost 2 weeks of travelling around Taiwan, we arrived in Cingjing where we stayed at Misty Villa, and this is where met our first fellow Singaporean travellers!

It was rather strange hearing the familiar local Singapore accent - and given the popularity of this hill/farm town, we were surrounded by Singapore families with kids glued to their iPhones and tablets - something we had not seen in a while. It was amusing to see the stark difference between kids we'd seen around Taiwan and those from home.

Being up in the hills, the weather was cooler - a welcome relief from the warmer temperatures in the other cities we had visited so far. The highlight of Cingjing is the animal farms - hence the popularity among families.

We went to Green Green Grassland where we chased sheep, and caught the Mongolian equestrian show, which was quite impressive to say the least! Those men and women were agile and strong, swinging themselves on and off horses that were galloping really fast around the arena!

We liked the troop so much we got adopted by them!

There was also an old English style manor that served English tea (scones, teacakes) that was quaint, but a little out of place in the middle of Taiwan, if you ask me!

Here is the Misty Villa Tripadvisor review. Misty Villa is located at: No.9 Rong Guan Lane, Ren-ai Township, Nantou, Taiwan

TEL: +886-49- 2803208