Oh Hualien...such an awesome place! From Taroko, to the sea, we were enamoured with the place. Unfortunately, I still need to find the photos from our dismembered hard drive, but keep your eyes peeled for updates on that!

We took a 1 hour train ride from Yilan to Hualien, and were picked up at the station by the Pretty Sun B&B staff (again, Tripadvisor link for English reviews and information can be found here and a link to the B&B at my favorite booking portal Booking.com).


Taroko Gorge 

Taroko Gorge is simply stunning and to be honest, we wished we had more time to do a proper hike there - we're making up for the lack of hiking with our upcoming (Dec 2016) New Zealand trip though. 

As mentioned before, our photos from the Hualien leg of the trip have been stashed away on a hard drive that we still can't locate, so I'll have to make do with other people's photos for the moment, sadly. I'll update this page as soon as we find out photos!

Ching Shui Cliffs

After tramping around Taroko Gorge, we took a car ride to Ching Shui Cliffs which was a magnificent coastline flanked by white limestone cliffs.

East Rift Valley, Rui Sui & Golden Clams  

Rui Sui (Ruei Suei) Hot Springs - full of iron oxide!

Rui Sui (Ruei Suei) Hot Springs - full of iron oxide!

The following day, we took a drive along the East Rift Valley to Ruei Shuei Hot Springs. These springs were brownish in color and the smell of rust was quite obvious - that's because of the iron content in the waters in these springs. We got all muddied up in the mud bath before getting into the springs which meant we were quite the sight. Luckily we seem to have arrived in low season, as we were pretty much the only ones there, so that meant we could have a ball, making noise and just being completely crazy, with the kids running all over the place slapping mud on each other.


After a few hours of hot spring fun, we headed off to find some food, and were brought to Li Chuan Golden Clam farm where we tucked into a heaping plate of clams followed by yummy, tender braised pork knuckles at Man Mei Pig Knuckles  .