In December 2015, we were looking forward to a fortnight of sun, sea, and volcanoes in the beautiful Philippines, as well as catching up with some awesome friends, Maricel & Anthony Pangilinan, who should totally be part of the Adventureness Community (they travel with 5 kids all over the place)!

Instead, and alas, a typhoon blew into the Philippines - thankfully not one as destructive as Haiyan in 2013 - but bad enough to ensure that our plans to hike the Taal crater on donkeys and view Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO site, were dashed.

Still, we found a way to have fun, as usual, and met some awesome new friends, Nish - owner of fabulous fashion label Devanish Daily Decadence - and her family, Steeve & Johan along the way, at Deep Forest Garden Inn, one of the most unusual of Resorts we have ever seen!