I left a piece of my heart in Nepal when I first visited in 2011.

Overlooking Patan Durbar Square in 2011.

Overlooking Patan Durbar Square in 2011.

I spent a glorious 10 days there on my own, a much needed solo trip after a difficult, tiring year. And I wanted to bring the family there soon after.

Hearing about the earthquake in 2015 broke my heart...it was the only time I have cried upon hearing the news of a natural disaster. I could only imagine the trauma that comes along with such a devastating situation, and also felt the pain of the loss of historical and cultural artefacts and the incredible architecture that I had fallen in love with in a few short days.

The 2017 plan - Everest...almost

While brainstorming over holiday plans for this year, a few twists and turns led us to decide on Nepal - a place where the kids could experience a wholly different lifestyle, get some hiking in, and spend time working on our family values and vision altogether.

Initially the plan was to do a hike in the Annapurnas, but I had a brainwave - wouldn't it be cool to at least have bragging rights of seeing Mount Everest?

I did some research and found out that while Everest Base Camp might be a bit of a stretch, we could do the 5 day trek to Namche Bazar, and get a view of Everest (weather permitting). This brought in a whole new level of excitement, nervousness, and of course, planning!

A glimpse at our packing list.

A glimpse at our packing list.

We are a few weeks away from our epic family adventure and will be planning several other activities in Nepal, and we can't wait to share them all with you!

Stay tuned!