Revisiting Kathmandu

It was a heart wrenching visit for me, this trip to Kathmandu. 

Happy to be accompanied by Dany and the kids this time around, I nevertheless braces myself for a very different experience of post-Earthquake KTM. 

I planned to retrace my steps through the UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu’s various Durbar squares and here is the visible difference. 


The enormous task of repairing the 13th century buildings is being undertaken with the help of many countries and funders, which filled me with a sense of hope and gratitude. I felt an easier sense that the beauty of this wonderful dusty city would be restored.



Denial and delusion as a coping mechanism...

When I was first pregnant back in 2003 (bear with me, this is relevant to our travels), I did not attend prenatal classes (my mom gave me private ones) and hence never had to watch what I'd heard to be pretty gross delivery videos, that were meant to prepare a mom-to-be for what was to come. (Side note: NOTHING prepares a mom-to-be for what's to come..birth and beyond)

So I was blissfully clueless, and secretly happy that I did not have to watch another lady screaming, yelling and swearing through her baby's birth. And could remain so, at leisure. Denial? Perhaps... Delusion? Maybe... I knew that I was going to go through it anyway, so why torture myself?

Fast forward to 2017, and we are preparing for our trek up to Namche Bazar, along the road to Everest Base Camp. After booking our flights, trek and reading up about the trek itself, more articles came up about the scary flight in and out of Lukla, where our trek will begin.

We were tossed around like a rubber duckies in a wave pool.
— PlanetD blog

We were tossed around like a rubber duckies in a wave pool.

So what do you think I did? Refuse to watch videos of course.

Well, initially anyway. I did gather up enough guts to watch one after all, to face the inevitable...Here it is!!