On the way: Bras in Cardrona

We drove down from Wanaka, through a quaint town called Cardrona, when we were stopped in our tracks by the strangest sight...a bust and lines of bras hanging by the side of the road!

Turns out, it was an installation for Breast Cancer Awareness, also known as Bradrona in Cardrona. The rest of this place (that we managed to see) was quaint and old fashioned and looked like it hadn't changed since the gold rush!



Most people we know who have been to Queenstown have been regaling us with stories about thei huge jumps, bridge swings, jetboat rides and other incredibly scary sounding rides like this "cross between a fighter jet and a torpedo" known as . No, we didn't do that, although I was tempted. After all, my last two G force experiences on the Formula Rossa (the world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi), and sky diving, were 4 years ago! Check out this video of the Formula Rossa!

But I digress...

Anyway...we decided to take a calmer approach to Queenstown. Upon arriving, we checked into Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park, situated on the eerie sounding Cemetery Road (yes, it literally was located next to a cemetery) and also VERY conveniently positioned next to the Skyline Luge and the Kiwi Birdlife Park, a quiet beautiful sanctuary for two nesting kiwi pairs, amongst other native creatures (more on that later). The campervan park was also a stone's throw from the town centre, making it an ideal spot to stay for a couple of days. The lavender bushes were also a nice touch!

Anais enjoying the lavender. Needless to say, we had tons of dried lavender in the campervan during our stay!

We had lunch at a hole in the wall place called Taco Medic at 3 Searle Lane..the staff there were really friendly and the tacos were excellent. As I ordered, I noticed the staff were hurriedly muttering under their breath to one another and one of them suddenly changed the music that was playing. Figuring out that their Spotify playlist had produced a song with profanity in it, I grinned and told them that profanity is not a dirty word in our house (well, it is; but the kids have heard most of them anyway). The Taco Medic crew laughed and got on with our massive order of fish (The Bajaman), beef (The Stockman), chicken (The Kentuckyman) and pork (The Bushman) tacos, and a heaping of cheese covered nachos. All images below courtesy of #tacomedic (we ate ours too quickly to take photos!)

Meanwhile, new orders and crowds of waiting diners kept coming through, and we were lucky to get a seat on the bench in front of the place.

Skyline Luge: Zippadeedoodah!

After lunch, we bought a "family sized" 10-ride pass at the Skyline Luge, which gave us gondola rides up to the Luge zone and we could take 10 rides between us, either solo or tandem, down the easy and fast tracks.

The boys, of course, LOVED the luge. They even managed a race!

The girls, on the other hand, didn't take to it that well. Summer had some hitches moving down the track on her own; and Anais and I, well, we just didn't enjoy ourselves that much. We only did one ride together; while Summer did a tandem with Adan for her 2nd ride, and a tandem with Dad on her 3rd ride. Check out how clumsy we (meaning, I) look getting off the ski lift!!

After that, we had a good night's rest, because the next day was going to be our Milford Sound cruise! Little did we know that it would be a Milford Sound cruise AND FLIGHT!

...see you in Part 2!