Rolling downhill in a big wet ball - OGO Rotorua 

Have you ever wanted to roll down a hill in a large ball? Not exactly my first thought of the day, but the kids were game for it so we all did it!

OGO Rotorua is the only place in NZ to Zorb – or at least the only place we could find on the web. This was surprising since zorbing is a NZ invention!!

We were making our way from Tauranga to Tongariro and OGO was strategically placed in our way. OGO had already made its place in our itinerary, but I had almost forgotten about it given the previous day's dolphin excursion, which had been rather tiring as being on the sea can be to those without sea legs.

We skipped lunch (it was probably a good idea NOT to eat before Zorbing) and headed with swimwear in tow for a wet Zorb down the Sidewinder ride (1.5 mins) – a longer ride than the Straight ride (40s).

The Zorb ball is filled with a few inches of warmish water to make it all the more slippery on the inside to ensure maximum splashing and swishing around.  To start, we had to take a dive into the ball headfirst - hold on to your GoPro if you have one - Then they push you off onto the slope! 

Once inside, you can't really see where you're going, so you can't anticipate the turns and when the next twist will come. At one point, we thought we were done, only to have several more turns toss us around. We were squealing with laughter inside!! 

Verdict? OGO Rotorua is highly recommended!

If you like FREE thermal dips - head down to Kerosene Creek

Just 30 minutes from OGO are the Kerosene Creek Falls, a geothermal freshwater river that you can soak in. FOR FREE!

We changed into our swimmers (as discreetly as possible in public) and got into the bubbling river. It was fun sitting in the natural Jacuzzi among the stones, while trying not to lose my bikini bottom in the fast moving water!!

Kids loved skipping over the stones while Dany shot a GoPro video to reenact the discovery of The One Ring (if you haven’t figured it out yet, we are huge LOTR fans).

What we loved about this is that it is not a commercialised hot spring where you have to pay tons of money to sit amongst a throng of people. There were probably up to 10 other people there with us that day at any given time, and the river has enough spots to give you some personal space as you splash around or take a jump off some rocks into the deeper pool created by the natural falls.

Best thing: It's free!!!